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About is a family owned business operating since 2006.  

Our main goal is to provide end users the opportunity to purchase the highest quality union made in USA Tshirts and Sweatshirts.  

Here are a few examples why our shirts are superior to other brands. 

  • * All sewers are Worker's United union members #1148.
  • * Every garment made has the union bug label.
  • * Made with 100% USA Components, the yarn is grown and picked in the Carolinas and knitted by Frontier Spinning.
  • * It's dyed, bleached, or scoured in Pa. by Wolfe Dye & Bleach Inc.
  • * Only high-quality fiber-reactive dyes are used (this means the color won't bleed onto other colors)
  • * The material is cut and sewn with thread (American & Efird), which is also made in the USA, at the Union Lifewear factory in Pottstown, PA
  • * We recently added Flame Resistant products made from Protex M.
  • * We have a highly automated facility which results in high quality and efficient operation!
  • * You can have your own label sewn into our garments!
  • * Tshirts are stocked up to 4XL, custom sizes available up to 10XL.